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It’s All About building Relationships, having Knowledge, and Integrity.

Lydia Ransom

I was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas. I bring over twenty-five years of experience in Finance and Real Estate Services. I have had my Real Estate license, since 1992. I have a degree in “Applied Science and Major in Banking and Finance”, “Bachelor of Science in Occupational Training and Development” and “Master’s degree in Business Administration in Education.” My diversity of experience and knowledge, including my background will assist me in providing an interchangeable feeling of fulfillment from my clients. I believe in building strong relationships with my clients. I have no doubt that my constant drive to produce solid results; will provide sold results for my clients.
Lydia Ransom – “Your native hometown realtor”

Jed Ransom

With a background in Residential and Commercial Construction and Mortgage Origination Management; and including “Glenoak Therapeutic Riding Center ” over 20 years. My recent job experience working with a “ Glenoak Therapeutic Riding Center” for two years, added to my love to build strong relationships with my clients. I bring a broad-spectrum of experience planning and directing senior-level business administrative affairs. I possess an outstanding capacity for leadership and problem solving.
Combine strong strategic-planning, organizational, and communication skills with an innate ability to direct high-level projects simultaneously. I began my journey specializing in residential and commercial construction. I worked with clients from the most prestigious backgrounds, including small projects. I believe in treating all my clients, as if they were my own family. I accredit my success and achievement to my passing in developing long-term relationships with my clients. I am dedicated to providing a superior experience for all my clients by accommodating them with the most personal service they deserve.
We are “The Ransom Team” working hard for you!

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