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Moving With Pets, July 2020 – Hooray! Moving day is set! It’s time to start planning your move. To add to your ever increasing list of important packing to-do’s, don’t forget to account for your fur-babies. These tips will be sure to help for a smooth transition.

Whether you’re relocating into a new city or a different neighborhood, linking up with a veterinarian that suits both you and your pets’ needs is something to take into consideration. One good source for recommendations is to ask friends or family in the area. Doing research by checking reviews or news articles is another path to finding a doc for your four-legged pal. After you find one, be sure to submit a request for your current vet to transfer all medical records. Shortly after making the official move, schedule a “Getting to Know You” appointment.

Next, let’s talk transportation. Your lovable pet will most likely need to go into a carrier for the short drive or even a long plane ride. If this is out of the norm for them, some time will be needed to get adjusted. Getting a head start on acclimating your fur-ball to using their favorite soothing items or treats can turn this trip into a positive journey.

At last, the new home! Your moving schedule should include segments of time the help your pet adjust to their new environment. During the move, keep your pets safe and secure away from movers or heavy foot traffic, to prevent stress. Once all the heavy lifting is done, clear articles that could be a hazard and as an added precaution, block off areas as necessary. Now your pet is ready for the green light to explore and get a fill for their new home on their own.